First of all, let us congratulate you for choosing our
Believe us; you really have made the right choice. TENDON
rope is a world leader for quality and has become a trusted
partner for young, active climbers in more than 70 countries
around the world. It has taken its own path the path of
a young, modern, progressive brand of ropes and it offers
smooth user comfort, with pleasant ropes not only for
recreational climbing, but also for other adrenaline activities,
for work at heights and for rescue work. The TENDON
international development group works together with
leading experts to constantly expand technical boundaries.
Thanks to that, LANEX – the maker of TENDON ropes – has
become the world’s first and only maker of climbing ropes
licensed to use DuPont™ TEFLON® fabric protector.
Thank you for choosing TENDON. We wish you many thrilling
adventures when using our ropes.

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